Welcoming RFC LEBANON (RFCLB) to RFC Global Series (RFCGS)

Coming 1st RFC race in Middle East: 30km east of Beirut, from the Bekaa Valley (Beqaa: وادي البقاع‎), welcoming RFC LEBANON (RFCLB) to RFC Global Series (RFCGS). “Coming soon the 1st RFC Racing event in the Middle East region,” smiled Soly Khattar (Head of RFCLB), the most senior & respected ASN (FIA) official in off-road racing in Lebanon & also in RFC (Malaysia, China & Italy) since 2006 (he led the 1st Lebanese contingent to RFC Grand Final Malaysia) which paved the way for Lebanese 4×4 joining the RFC tro’ the years. Soly’s sporting spirit & stature also earned him “An Officer & A Gentleman” title from RFC Founder. More from RFCLB for 2021-2023 season.


Note: ASN: “Autorite Sportive Nationale, the Lebanese chapter of FIA). RFCLB org: Soly with Jean Waness, George Andraos & Elie Hajj at Bekaa Valley June 2021 + archives RFC. Cultural history: More than 7,000 yrs, home of the ancient Phoenicians (3200-539 BC), they are credited with the invention of the oldest verified alphabet. Lebanese culture is renowned in the Arab world. Cosmopolitan Lebanon is aka “Switzerland of the East,” while Beirut is aka “Paris of the Middle East” (60’s). #RFC #RFCLebanon #RainforestChallengeLebanon #TopFiveToughestOffroadRacesintheWorld #Beirut #BekaaValley #RainforestChallengeInternational #TourismMalaysia #LuisWee @rainforesttrophy @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge