This Coming July, RFC India

This coming July, Southwest Monsoon & Go, Go, Go in Goa…….
Yes, that’s the time for INDIA’s Biggest & Toughest Off-Road motorsports event to take its place of honour once again…the Rainforest Challenge India.
It’s not only about the rain, muddy madness & high water that the teams have to grapple with; its also about overcoming gruelling Special Stages at the same time.
But, for these bravest of the Indian off-road 4×4 teams, it’s Go, Go, Go in Goa with a spirit of Get Up & Get Going & Never Giving Up to the Finish Line. The stuff where heroes are made in the most arduous of times.
And this 19-26 July 2024 is that SPECIAL 10th Anniversary Year for everyone + the honour for the Top 3 winners to take on the RFC Grand Final in Malaysia (29 Nov-9 Dec).
Pix: Rainforest Challenge India