The 1st official RC RFC United States

From Odessa, Missouri, USA

Mission Accomplished for the 1st official RC RFC United States

Even with high winds blowing (72 kmh/45mph) across the race venue but no dampening the spirit of competition, passion & camaraderie of the participants racing across hill climbs, technical rock crawling, winching & water crossing.

Yes, a lot learned during this inaugural event. A great inspiration for a new beginning of greater things to come as everyone enjoyed the new RFC format.

And most competitors are already planning out a new build specifically for RC RFC race. And yes, they are eagerly looking forward to the next event tentatively scheduled for 4 May at The Thornbush (Arizona).

Closing tagline: Who Are We? RFC!

Sportsman Class;
(1) team 333-Leslie Foster – 330pts 
(2) team 386-Tim Mccandless – 300pts 
(3) team 394-Mike Brisbin/ Thornbush RC – 120pts

Modified Class;
 (1) team 216 – Matt Higgins/ Outbound RC – 380pts
(2) team 237-Matt Dankenbring/ Dinky RC – 250pts

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