Snippets from RFC Baikal 2024

“In the summertime, when the weather is high
You can stretch right up and touch the sky…”
Lake, Sky, Action, Faces & NexGen snippets from RFC BAIKAL 2024
The RFCGS race format in eastern Siberia within the vicinity of the world’s deepest freshwater lake, within the Republic of Buryatia & Irkutsk Oblast, Siberia, Russia.
Biggest contingent from Team Mongolia (MOF/ RFCMN) with 6 teams in R1,R2 & R3, a bonding & fraternity in RFCGS East Asia
RFC Baikal pix by Налитова Юлия / Nalitova Yulia (in the pix with Evgenii & Mikle at the lake) + action + racers + faces next generation.
Who will be the Top Guns from RFCRU coming for RFC Grand Final 2024 Road to Malaysia to be finalised after RFCRU Tiger Trail finale event in Aug in Sakhalin, the home province of Team 150 current champ of Rainforest Challenge Grand Final challenge
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