Siberia & Central Asia comes together with RFC ALTAY

Solid as a Rock from Altay Mts
Rolling in R1, R2, R3 & R4 in RFC race format where Siberia & Central Asia comes together with RFC ALTAY.
At the mountain range where Russia, China, Mongolia & Kazakhstan converge with RFCGS Central Asia region at RFC Altay from RFCRU series.
The spirit & bonding of the Rainforest Challenge in these mountainous regions where even Spring & Summer can be cold day or night; but the Passion in action & fraternity in RFC Global Series (RFCGS) is as HOT & as SOLID as a ROCK.
RFC Altay is part of RFCRU events affiliated with RFCGS & among the selection for Top Guns leading to RFC Grand Final in Malaysia.
Pix/poster/video: RFC Altay / RFCRU/ RFCGS / Alexander Antony
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