Ready to Face-Off in RFCGS ITALIA 2024 & be qualified for entry to RFC Grand Final in Malaysia this December?
For all participants in both RFC SPECIAL KNOCKOUT & RFC SICILY you are in the league of RFCGS & be racing in the racing format of the World’s No.3 Toughest Off Road-Challenge–the RAINFOREST CHALLENGE of Malaysia
For the winners, see you in Malaysia for 27 RFC Grand Final be ready to Face-Off with the bravest of the Land Daredevils from Asia, Europe, the Americas & Oceania in the Year of the Dragon!
RFC Special Knockout: Luigi: +39 349 465 0626
RFC Sicily: Francesco: +39 339 772 9135
RFC Ambassador EU: Damiano: +39 348 525 1632
Promo poster: RFC International for RFCGS Italia
@luisjawee @rfcmalaysianewsagency @rainforestchallenge (rfc global series)