RFCGS: Caucasus’ RFC 2024

Who will represent THE HIGHLANDERS in RFC Grand Final 2024?

Happening from 25 May to 2 June. From the rugged highlands of transcontinental Eurasia region of northern Caucasus mountains dividing Europe from Asia or vice versa.

RFC Global Series (RFCGS) selection event for the best 4×4 highlander teams heading for RFC Grand Final 2024 in December,  aka 27 RFC.

RFCRU Caucasus is among the main events with bonus entry to Rainforest Challenge Grand Final in Malaysia this 29Nov-9Dec.

Who will be among the Top Guns from Eurasia region? Their hour of glory will be announced on 2 June.

Pix; RFCRU poster promo banner & route map
Rainforest Challenge web: www.rfc-global.com