RFC racing at Chelyabinsk, Russia

Nurturing the NEWCOMERS in RFC racing at Chelyabinsk, that’s the spirit of welcoming the next generation of 4×4 to Rainforest Challenge.
The DOUBLE CHALLENGE for R3 (standard) & R4 (novice) in the art of RFC racing from RFCRU Urals 2024 edition
Kudos to the organizing committee for a job well done; you can be sure that they will be following closely the news on RFC Grand Final 2024 in December.
RFCRU calendar of events will complete at Tiger Trail (20-25 Aug) on Sakhalin Island, the home venue of RFC Grand Final 2023 champion Team 150.
Who’s who will be among the winners to RFC Grand Final 2024 in Malaysia, let’s find out!
Pix from RFCRU Urals 2024 at Chelyabinsk by Photographer Наталья Викарчук (Natalia Vikarchuk)