RFC Powersports June Rendezvous Mission accomplished in Malaysia

RFC Powersports (RFC PWS) June Rendezvous mission accomplished in Malaysia at Pos Balar with ATV & Enduro bikes
Back to Nature Escapade with CSR activities by Dr Alan with the indigenous people of the jungle (orang asli) by RFC PWS with Rider Hutan project.
Enjoying riding, camaraderie amidst the lush greenery, towering trees, diverse flora & fauna en route from Kuala Betis to Pos Balar, Gua Musang, state of Kelantan, Malaysia.
Our next rendezvous will be in July, contact RFC PWS 017 -444 3566 (Sha) & don’t miss our finale event with Rainforest Challenge Grand Final 2024 this end Nov-early Dec.
Our successful 61.6 km into the open & close off-road tracks, muddy at times due to thunderstorms with strong bonding in the spirit of RFC PWS with Rider Hutan Project.
Pix: RFCPWS 1-2 June 2024
Rainforest Challenge web: www.rfc-global.com
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