RFC ITALY Knockout Special

EVERLASTING “DURACELL” from RED TEAM Ready for RFC ITALY Knockout Special @ Ceprano this 20-23 March
That’s Dario Lacchio of coz, taking on the rest of the contenders with his trustworthy & reliable co-driver Jan Furlan again
“This RFC Italy Knockout Special carries the prestigious ticket to RFC Grand Final 2024 in Malaysia this Dec for the winner & will be fiercely contested by the 4×4 warriors assembled in Ceprano,” said Damiano d’Ambrosio (RFC Amb EU)
Dario missed out on Malaysia last year but not Jan who went with Damiano for an unforgettable experience. So, you bet he’s gonna go “ballistic” in the event. “But winning or losing is part of the race, to be tested in off-road racing format a la RFC & making everlasting friendship are the most important,” smiled Dario to January.
With a nickname like “Duracell” you can be assured of his credentials as an off-road extreme racer, catch Red Team this 20-23 March in Ceprano
RFC Special Knockout: Luigi: +39 349 465 0626
RFC Ambassador EU: Damiano: +39 348 525 1632