Hungarian Bonds since 2000 from RFCGS Central Europe

Hungarian Bonds since 2000 from RFCGS Central Europe
“Bonds that Bind from the thrills & spills, thick & thin of the Rainforest Challenge, lasts a lifetime,” smiled Gog Laszlo (RFC Hungary rep) with RFC Founder in Kuala Lumpur.
“No matter where one comes from, the camaraderie shared in facing the challenges & at campsites of the RFC is as thick as the jungle humidity, we are one big family,” he added with Ana Marie.
How did you get into RFC? “Back in those days, no social media, only published magazines & word of mouth from the participants. I contacted one of them & she gave me Luis email. Go ahead & write to him, he’s very approachable guy. I wrote, Luis said yes, I went to Malaysia & the rest is history of Hungarian ties with RFC for the past 24 years,” summed up Laszlo with RFC book in his hand.
And a return to 27RFC 2024 is on the cards with surprises in store.
Pix: Rainforest Challenge book, The Legacy (hard cover coffee table book) 
contact: presented to Laszlo by Luis Wee + archives of RFC 2000 & RFC founder visit to Buddhapest (2001).
@rainforestchallenge (rfc global series)