The 1st RC (radio control) Rainforest Challenge event to take off is from south central region of the United States of Amercia; its Misson Accomplished (6 Aug 2023).  Congrats to RC RFC USA organizer & all participants for making this, a historic debut event, which is also the 1st RC RFC event worldwide to officially take off..!! […]


RFCRU  BURYATIA 2023, another Mission Accomplished event from RFCGS East Asia bordering Lake Baikal & 500+ km from Mongolia welcome to the Republic of Buryatia org by RFCRU-BU, eastern Siberia (cap: Ulan Ude). RFC Buryatia/Byratia. RFC Byratia/Buryatia mission accomplished 29-30 July. #rfcglobalseries #rfcburyatia #rfcru #rainforestchallenge #republicofburyatia #adventureracing #rfc #RFCGlobalSeriesEastAsia #WhoAreWe #rfcinternational @rfcglobalseries (rainforest challenge)

Mission Accomplished: Rainforest Challenge INDIA 2023

Champion:  Cedric Jordan DaSilva & Mackwin Dias 1st Runner Up – Anand V Manjooran & Chetan Chengappa 2nd Runner Up – Dr. Mohammed Fahed VP & Rajeev Lal And, also congrats to All participating teams for braving the rain, monsoon, challenging terrain & never give up in completing the 2023 edition of RFC India!  #rfcindia […]

Top Guns of RFC Baikal 2023 @ Irkutsk

Mission Accomplished at RFCRU Baikal. Hot, Tough Action & Drama with Thrills & Spills a la RFC. Winners for all participants for completing the race & thumbs up to the respective champs: “R1” Team 106 (Angarsk): Dmitry Kirilenko (pilot) Dmitry Aksamentov (co-pilot). “R2” Team 202 (Vladivostok): Katsura Nikita/Katsura Pavel. “R3” Team 303 (Bratsk): Alexander Shamardin/Alexander […]

RFC ATV is here in Malaysia!

Rainforest Challenge officially endorsed Segway Snarler AT6-S as the RFC ATV 2023 special edition at Segway Powerspors Malaysia UMOD showroom at 28 Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur (July 2023) This is also the FIRST Segway Powersports worldwide to collaborate with RFC: the World’s no.3 from Top Five Toughest Off-Road Races. Limited units with the signature of RFC […]

RFC INDIA 2023, It’s Game On in Goa

“To be at the Starting Line, you are all WINNERS & to complete the event, you are EXTRAORDINARY.” Here’s the full schedule 22-20 July for Rainforest Challenge INDIA 2023 in Goa. Don’t miss the action. #rfcindia #rfc #RainforestChallengeIndia #CougarMotorsport #rainforestchallenge #India #adventure #offroad #offroad4x4 #rfcglobal #notforthefainthearted #extremeoffroad #motorsport #motorsportindia #goatourism #4×4 #extremesports #IncredibleIndia #luisjawee #rfcglobalseries #topfivetoughestoffroadracesintheworld […]

From the Pearl of Siberia, on land at World’s Largest Freshwater Lake

“I Love Rock & Roll” with Cool 4×4 Action from Summer Heat from RFC BAIKAL, June 2023 @ Irkutsk. Congrats all racing teams in R1, R2, R3 & ATV from Irkutsk, Angarsk, Shelekhov, Bratsk, Chita, Yakutsk, Vladivostok, Moscow & Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). RFC Mongolia represented by Team 45 (pilot: Ganbaatar Uuganbayar/co-pilot: Purevdorj Sodnom), Team 57 (Boldbaatar Chinzong/Jamsranjav […]

No Running Away from Your Fears!

Our Promise of Painful Days, Sleepless Nights & No Pain No Gain from Rainforest Challenge INDIA 2023. Season 9 coming to Goa 22-29 July. Not for the faint-hearted but, for the bravest of the land daredevils from the subcontinent of India. When the South West Monsoon blows, go with the flow of thrills and spills […]

The Highlanders Rule! Gaumarjos….GEORGIA!

Top Guns of RFC Caucasus in Georgia (RFCCGE) 2023! A welcome back after the 2-year pandemic for the Eurasia region with the return of RFCCGE to RFC Global Series (RFCGS) for 2023-2025 season. Winners list for 2023 (May) held at Telavi, Kakheti region of Georgia R1 (prototypes) (1)   Shako Siradze / Ioane Kipshidze GE (2)   David Martirosyan […]

Mission Accomplished in Italy for RFC South Europe 2023

Top Guns of RFCSE, Corno di Rosazzo, Udine. R1 (prototype): (1): Lacchio/Furlan (2): Bartolucci/Borzi (3): Tadini/Nozolini R2 (modified prod): (1): Giusti/Alba (2): China/Bortolusi (3):Sami An enduring tough race full of action, fighting spirit, drama, mechanical breakdowns, emotions & camaraderie that earned everyone of the participants the Badge of Honor in RFCGS. The Road to RFC […]