Welcoming COMEUP Industries Inc

Advertiser in Rainforest Challenge new website: www.rfc-global.com: Welcoming COMEUP Industries Inc, the manufacturer of COMEUP winches worldwide. For a company that has exclusively manufactured nothing but winches for over 37 years, you got to “take your hats off” in salute & be assured that they know the “why, how & what” they make: “The Toughest Offroad Competition Winch.” Having sponsored the Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia: 2013-2018 has also helped them to understand the thick & thin of real life “4×4 battles” & the needs of racing teams in their quest for supremacy to become the Top Guns in extreme 4×4 motorsport. Pix: COMEUP ads in Rainforest Challenge website. #RFC #comeupwinch #RainforestChallenge #ComeUpUSA #RFCGlobalSeries #RFCGS #TopFiveToughestOffroadRacesintheWorld @comeup.winch @rainforestchallenge