La Crème de la Crème

THIS SUMMER, will you be ready for the premier & award winning off-road motorsports event from the Indian Subcontinent? This 19-26 July, Rainforest Challenge INDIA 2024 will be Season 10. Taking place in GOA again as […]

RFC INDIA 2023, It’s Game On in Goa

“To be at the Starting Line, you are all WINNERS & to complete the event, you are EXTRAORDINARY.” Here’s the full schedule 22-20 July for Rainforest Challenge INDIA 2023 in […]

No Running Away from Your Fears!

Our Promise of Painful Days, Sleepless Nights & No Pain No Gain from Rainforest Challenge INDIA 2023. Season 9 coming to Goa 22-29 July. Not for the faint-hearted but, for […]

RFCGS South Asia 2021

RFCGS South Asia: TOUCH & GO, Come Rain, High Water or Anything Goes!! At RFC INDIA 2021 and in any of our RFC Global Series (RFCGS) races worldwide, fully prepared for “4×4 Battles” anytime, anywhere. Select pix from Rainforest Challenge INDIA (cougar motorsport). #apollotyres #bruteforce #spirofo #taan #manipalhospitals #spiritofoutdoors #goatourism @cougar__motorsport @krishnakumar_photography @photographer_ark @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge

Rainforest Challenge India Goa 2021

MUST WATCH – RFC Global Series India Goa 2021 in action. Watch the action of Rainforest Challenge India Goa 2021. Credit to Off Road Masters and Cover Story by Off […]

Rainforest Challenge India 2015

  Catch all the off-roading action from the second edition of RFC in this special four-part documentary. In the final part of the series, competitors head into the thick jungles […]