Snippets from RFC Baikal 2024

“In the summertime, when the weather is high You can stretch right up and touch the sky…”   Lake, Sky, Action, Faces & NexGen snippets from RFC BAIKAL 2024   […]

Team Mongolia in RFCRU Baikal at Irkutsk

The HORSEMEN COMETH for Lake Baikal   Not like in the days of old where horsemen from the “Land of Eternal Blue Sky” rode their steeds across the central grasslands […]

RFCGS: Caucasus’ RFC 2024

Who will represent THE HIGHLANDERS in RFC Grand Final 2024? Happening from 25 May to 2 June. From the rugged highlands of transcontinental Eurasia region of northern Caucasus mountains dividing […]

RFC racing at Chelyabinsk, Russia

Nurturing the NEWCOMERS in RFC racing at Chelyabinsk, that’s the spirit of welcoming the next generation of 4×4 to Rainforest Challenge. The DOUBLE CHALLENGE for R3 (standard) & R4 (novice) in the art of RFC […]

Another Action in April, Mission Accomplished from RFCGS

Another ACTION IN APRIL, mission accomplished from RFC Global Series (RFCGS) southwest of the Ural Mts (geographical divide of Europe/Asia). At Voronzeth, with the iconic Team 102 (Green Mud Elephant of Aleksei Filiar/Denis Kupriyanov) […]

Team 102 from Russia

The “Green Mud Elephant” Team 102 made its mark TWICE in Rainforest Challenge Grand Final of Malaysia. That’s Aleksei Filiar & Denis Kupriyanov from Russia. First attempt was in RFCGF 2022 […]


RFCRU  BURYATIA 2023, another Mission Accomplished event from RFCGS East Asia bordering Lake Baikal & 500+ km from Mongolia welcome to the Republic of Buryatia org by RFCRU-BU, eastern Siberia […]