Team 102 from Russia

The “Green Mud Elephant” Team 102 made its mark TWICE in Rainforest Challenge Grand Final of Malaysia. That’s Aleksei Filiar & Denis Kupriyanov from Russia. First attempt was in RFCGF 2022 […]


RFCRU  BURYATIA 2023, another Mission Accomplished event from RFCGS East Asia bordering Lake Baikal & 500+ km from Mongolia welcome to the Republic of Buryatia org by RFCRU-BU, eastern Siberia […]

The Highlanders Rule! Gaumarjos….GEORGIA!

Top Guns of RFC Caucasus in Georgia (RFCCGE) 2023! A welcome back after the 2-year pandemic for the Eurasia region with the return of RFCCGE to RFC Global Series (RFCGS) […]

Welcoming our new event RFC TVER

Autumn 2021: Welcoming our new event RFC TVER (north-west of Moscow) at “Pavlov Adventure Park” (Парк Приключений Павлова) with the experienced/well loved “Uncle Vova” (Дядя Вова) with co-pilot Egor Shvets leading in 10 SS ahead of the new breed of 4×4 warriors in R2 (modified production) on cold Autumn day of 18 Sept,” said Evgeny Pavlov the org of RFC Tver org (Tver4x4Club “Lebedushka”) with RFC Russia (RFCRU) org: Arsen Gamzayan (RFCRU Race Director), Arkady Aronov (RFCRU Sec), Mikhail Belov (RFCRU Technical/Scrutineering / “Protector” org RFC Baikal, Irkutsk + RFCRU officials (sports) Anton Beknev sports assistant & Andrey Pazychev (Kransnodar Auto Fed/RFCRCaucasus. R2 racers came in modified Suzuki Samurai, Mercedez Benz, UAZ & Lada Niva). It was a good learning curve with warm camaraderie on a cold autumn day. Welcome RFC Tver to RFC Global Series (RFCGS). Pix: Vladimir Kostrykin at RFC Tver 2021. #RFC #RFCTver2021 #RainforestChallengeRussia #RFCRussia #RFCRU #RFCGlobalSeries #RFCGS #Tver #Moscow #stcrubej #RussiaCentreofScienceandCulture #RCSC #rossotrudnichestvo #россотрудничество #TourismMalaysia #petronturbodiesel #LuisWee #RFCGrandFinal @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge

The Autumn 4×4 Motorsports event by RFC Russia

RFC at the “Pearl of Siberia” from Italian media by Sonja Vietto Ramus: “Grande successo per il Rainforest Baikal 2021: due giorni di gara con 16 prove speciali tra fango, rocce, fiume e paludi hanno messo a dura prova i 35 equipaggi partecipanti. Ecco come è andata la manche del Rainforest Challenge Series ospitata nei pressi del lago Baikal, “Perla della Siberia”
#RFC #RFCBaikal2021 #RainforestChallengeRussia #RFCRU #RFCGlobalSeries #RFCGS #PearlofSiberia #RainforestChallengeInternational #LuisWee #TourismMalaysia @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge


DARE to FACE-OFF with the bravest 4×4 daredevils at RFC TIGER TRAIL 2021? This Summer’s Big Race (Aug) from Russia Far East region of Primorye, the land of the Siberian […]

EAST ASIA region with RFC Baikal 2021

When you are down & out, do you give up? “NEVER,” said the racers in RFC Global Series (RFCGS) events worldwide. Just ask anyone of them. And also here in […]


“Days of Thunder” at Asia Pacific from RFC SAKHALIN 2021 for 4x4s & ATV on Russia’s biggest island. Another race from RFC Russia (RFCRU) calendar for 2021 season, on-going now […]

Siberian Summer 2021

Siberian Summer 2021. Four Wheels to No Wheels. Report from Yakutsk by RFC Global Series (RFCGS) pixman Paul Rambler & RFC Ambassador Yana. Let’s zoom across raging waters in Summer […]