A Record for Youngest Racer in RC RFC Malaysia

A Record for Youngest Racer in RC RFC Malaysia Deservingly goes to Muhammad Harith, just 13 years old from Johor Bahru. “He’s totally focussed on RC unlike other kids of his age,” said his father Abdullah, who’s also in off-road 4×4.
“Surfing on social media is out of his radar, but not racing in RC 4x4s. He also modified his standard RC to be ready for this RC RFC Johor race,” he added.
At the registration counter everyone expected the father to be the driver not the co-driver, but as the day unfolded, it was a joy to see young Harith putting up a brave fight against the seniors.
“Of course, experience counts overcoming all the SS from Prologue to Predator to Terminator, however, the young lad has shown his great potential for RC RFC,” said Stanley, head of RC RFC Malaysia.
Pix: Harith & LW at the arch by Kadok Rockafella / RC RFC Johor/JCT/ Johor Crawler Team.
more pix at https://www.facebook.com/…/pfbid02jCTFt4pFFQBPRr9bHrXaW…
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