4×4 Racing Teams shipped from Australia to Malaysia!

From Down Under, the “AUSSIE ASSAULT” on RFC Grand Final 2024 has begun!
That’s 2 containers with 6 4×4 racing teams will be shipped from Perth & Melbourne to Port Klang, Malaysia for the “The Ultimate 4×4 Battles of the Year 2024” in the World’s No.3 of Top 5 Toughest Offroad Races, the Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia (29 Nov – 9 Dec)
The confirmed Line Up of these “4×4 Wizards from Oz” as follows:
1: Adrian Parker / Alan McGilvray: Team Blue GQ Ute 4200cc Diesel
2: Peter Mahiloff / Clinton Sharpe. Team: PM Ceilings, 4500 CC Petrol
3: Charles Phillips / Max Walbridge. Team: Millweld Racing, 6.0 L Petrol
4: Josh Marks / Andrew Helsdon, Team : Blowout Racing, 6.0 L Petrol
5: Carl Johannessen / James Maroske, Team : Pink Truck Racing, 6.0 L Petrol
6: Dave Cameron / Simon Cameron, Team: Narva, 6.0L Petrol
Pix of 1 -5 teams with no. 6 photos on the way.
This year’s RFC Grand Final is limited to 40 racing teams (divided into foreign & local entries); on first-come-first-serve basis only. Better to book & reserve your entry for those joining us this year!
Updated 2024 Rules / Regulations on Vehicle Preparation for R1, R2 & R3 https://rfc-global.com/rfc-grand-final-2024/
RFC International: info@rfc-global.com, luis@rfc-global.com, rfcwee@gmail.com
Rainforest Challenge website: www.rfc-global.com
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