[wp-rss-aggregator]The 25 Malaysian teams in 25RFC 2020, Ready for 2021. Here’s 1 of them: “We WERE supposed to rock & roll again with our racing & support crew all geared up for 4×4 battles in Nov,” said Stiven Sim (Team 1997 Mgr), now that 25RFC is postponed, we’ll be among the First to REGISTER for 2021 + more training & practice sessions for “New Blood,” the next generation,” added the “veteran” chief scout of RFC 1997. More from Stiven (Founder 4×4 Offroad & Xpedition) in coming 25RFC book. By all accounts, Team 1997 will be rep by Team 131 (Francis & Shahrul Bahrin aka Panjang) & support crew (Javen Chan, Goh Chee Sing & Lam Kuan Hoe) + with Assist Team Mgr Derek Low; they are already registered for entry to RFC Grand Final 2021. #25RFC #RFC2020 #RFCGrandFinal2021 #4x4Shoppe&Service #tourismmalaysia #RainforestChallengeInternational #luisjawee #exploreroutfitter #petronturbodiesel #petronmalaysia
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