Standing By in Super Savvy “Lion City”

Standing By in Super Savvy “Lion City” with 25RFC by RFC SINGAPORE (RFCSGP) Rep: Revo Performance. Yes, even here in ultra modern financial, commercial & transport hub renowned worldwide, the passion for 4×4 off-road is second to none. For discerning off-roaders in this island nation, its Revo Performance aka “The Specialst” headed by Alex & Ben. For old to new rigs, every item is meticulously installed, fabricated, repaired, serviced & transformed including strong bonding ties with customers cum “brothers in 4×4.” Been in action in RFC? Yes of coz. “We were prepared for 25RFC 2020 until the pandemic struck; but no worries, standing by for 2022,” smiled Alex & Ben. “Ready in mind, machines & even in our 25RFC Ts, ordered from Aida RFCIO, our dear sister in 4×4,” added the duo. Pix: 25RFC from present to next generation with Revo Performance Pte Ltd, Singapore tel: +65 9237 8224