BONDS THAT BIND 2001-2021, yes, that long! When 4×4 Off Road PL (ORPL) published its news on RFC POLAND 2021 (cover pix/features), it brought back great memories of enduring friendship between RFC & ORPL that needs to be retold. Flashback pix 2001 group pix of the 1st RFC promo in Bieszczady Mts, Poland, org by […]

Welcoming our new event RFC TVER

Autumn 2021: Welcoming our new event RFC TVER (north-west of Moscow) at “Pavlov Adventure Park” (Парк Приключений Павлова) with the experienced/well loved “Uncle Vova” (Дядя Вова) with co-pilot Egor Shvets leading in 10 SS ahead of the new breed of 4×4 warriors in R2 (modified production) on cold Autumn day of 18 Sept,” said Evgeny Pavlov the org of RFC Tver org (Tver4x4Club “Lebedushka”) with RFC Russia (RFCRU) org: Arsen Gamzayan (RFCRU Race Director), Arkady Aronov (RFCRU Sec), Mikhail Belov (RFCRU Technical/Scrutineering / “Protector” org RFC Baikal, Irkutsk + RFCRU officials (sports) Anton Beknev sports assistant & Andrey Pazychev (Kransnodar Auto Fed/RFCRCaucasus. R2 racers came in modified Suzuki Samurai, Mercedez Benz, UAZ & Lada Niva). It was a good learning curve with warm camaraderie on a cold autumn day. Welcome RFC Tver to RFC Global Series (RFCGS). Pix: Vladimir Kostrykin at RFC Tver 2021. #RFC #RFCTver2021 #RainforestChallengeRussia #RFCRussia #RFCRU #RFCGlobalSeries #RFCGS #Tver #Moscow #stcrubej #RussiaCentreofScienceandCulture #RCSC #rossotrudnichestvo #россотрудничество #TourismMalaysia #petronturbodiesel #LuisWee #RFCGrandFinal @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge

Welcoming COMEUP Industries Inc

Advertiser in Rainforest Challenge new website: Welcoming COMEUP Industries Inc, the manufacturer of COMEUP winches worldwide. For a company that has exclusively manufactured nothing but winches for over 37 years, you got to “take your hats off” in salute & be assured that they know the “why, how & what” they make: “The Toughest Offroad Competition Winch.” Having sponsored the Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia: 2013-2018 has also helped them to understand the thick & thin of real life “4×4 battles” & the needs of racing teams in their quest for supremacy to become the Top Guns in extreme 4×4 motorsport. Pix: COMEUP ads in Rainforest Challenge website. #RFC #comeupwinch #RainforestChallenge #ComeUpUSA #RFCGlobalSeries #RFCGS #TopFiveToughestOffroadRacesintheWorld @comeup.winch @rainforestchallenge

RFCGS South Asia 2021

RFCGS South Asia: TOUCH & GO, Come Rain, High Water or Anything Goes!! At RFC INDIA 2021 and in any of our RFC Global Series (RFCGS) races worldwide, fully prepared for “4×4 Battles” anytime, anywhere. Select pix from Rainforest Challenge INDIA (cougar motorsport). #apollotyres #bruteforce #spirofo #taan #manipalhospitals #spiritofoutdoors #goatourism @cougar__motorsport @krishnakumar_photography @photographer_ark @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge

Stage III in Autumn of RFC UKRAINE 2021

Tough, Rough & Tumble in Autumn at Stage III in Autumn of RFC UKRAINE 2021( 3-ий этап RFC Ukraine 2021, МЕРЕФА!). RFC Global Series (RFCGS) Eastern Europe, successfully held at Merefa (5 Sept). Congrats Top Guns for a deserving wins: ТР-3 (PROTO) 1. Volovik Andrey Palekha Roman 2. Klepus Franz Kozak Valentin 3. Triguba Gennady Triguba Oleg ТР-2 (MODIFIED)1. Yaremchuk Yaroslav Yaremchuk Bogdan 2. Yuzkov Victor Tarasov Vladimir 3. Gavrish Valera Tsushko Sergiy ТР-1 (STANDARD) 1. Kazdoba Victor Savchenko Victor 2. Bykov Eduard Fedak Evgeniy 3.Stanislav Mikhailov Ilya Solodovnik. Final Stage IV for 2-3 Oct in Kharkhiv. RFCUKR is an affiliated member of RFCGS #RFC #RainforestChallengeUkraine #RFCUKR #PickUp #RFCGlobalSeries #RFCGS #Merefa #Kharkhiv #Ukraine #RainforestChallengeInternational #LuisWee #RFCGrandFinal #TourismMalaysia @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge


Lista na PRZEPRAWOWY PRZEPRAWOWY PUCHAR POLSKI RFC – 222 PIECZĄTKI! błyskawicznie się zapełnia 🔥

Na liście startowej pojawiają się czołowe załogi, w tym załoga auta VIRUS. 😍💪

Nie zwlekajcie z zapisami do końca:

Rywalizujemy w 4 klasach:
✔️ SOFT – odpowiednik klasy turystycznej

Do zdobycia każda załoga ma 222 pieczątki, które z pewnością będą stanowiły wyzwanie dla większości załóg 🔥

Jakub Urbankiewicz, Luis Wee, RFC

The Autumn 4×4 Motorsports event by RFC Russia

RFC at the “Pearl of Siberia” from Italian media by Sonja Vietto Ramus: “Grande successo per il Rainforest Baikal 2021: due giorni di gara con 16 prove speciali tra fango, rocce, fiume e paludi hanno messo a dura prova i 35 equipaggi partecipanti. Ecco come è andata la manche del Rainforest Challenge Series ospitata nei pressi del lago Baikal, “Perla della Siberia”
#RFC #RFCBaikal2021 #RainforestChallengeRussia #RFCRU #RFCGlobalSeries #RFCGS #PearlofSiberia #RainforestChallengeInternational #LuisWee #TourismMalaysia @luisjawee @rainforestchallenge

RFC UKRAINE for 2021 season

WHO ARE WE? From Rainforest Challenge INDIA 2021 officials & marshals in Goa, it’s Mission Accomplished on 4 Sept. Under such unprecedented times, to have successfully hosted the competition showed an incredible fighting spirit by them & everyone involved in the making of RFC India 7th edition. Rainforest Challenge #RFC #ApolloTyres, #Brutforce #SpiritofOutdoors #Taan, #ManipalHospitals #GoaTourism @luisjawee @cougar_motorsport @rainforestchallenge

Rainforest Challenge India Goa 2021

MUST WATCH – RFC Global Series India Goa 2021 in action. Watch the action of Rainforest Challenge India Goa 2021. Credit to Off Road Masters and Cover Story by Off Road Maters. The year 1997 saw the launch of one of the world’s most demanding 4×4 extreme off-road events in Malaysia, baptized as The Rainforest […]